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The Vale D´Ouro Company, pioneer in production of manioc flour cookies, is a traditional brand from Minas Gerais State / Brazil and national leader in its segment.

In 1987, trying to bring back the old tradition of the famous "Minas Gerais Cousine", the company started your activities making snacks from manioc starch. Since then, these cookies have became accessible to everyone at industrial level; sweet delights such as manioc flour and scalded snack, Brazilian gopher snake and cheese snacks, produced under high quality standards and without losing the tenderness of a homemade production.

The idea was a success and following the tradition of Minas Gerais Cousine, came the Sequilhos, a spicery inherited from the 15th Century Portuguese cousine. These delicious and soft cookies are produced with the purest corn starch and are available in different flavors: coconut, milk condensed, milk and orange.

Besides its excellent performance in the national market, the Vale D´Ouro of America has increased its market abroad. One of the countries that receives the Vale D´Ouro products are the United States, the Japan and countries of Europe.

It's snack time! With modern production methods and using state-of-the-art technology in food production, our company is pleased to offer you healthy food produced with high quality materials, having criterion and care as its main ingredients.

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